so, i told my papa

about this site (hi dad!) and these plans.  and for the first time since i started talking about this he was really supportive.  thanks dad, herbal it means a lot to know you like this idea.  i just hope that the ovum and the sperm work well enough to create a little harriet or harry.  oh what a happy day that would be, to meet baby and for you to have a little name sake.  if he or she were to get from me all that is you in me and if those were to be the dominating characteristics of baby i would be super happy.  okay, minus the hard headedness, yes, i could do with a child that would be a little less stubborn than you, i, and al.

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appt #2

appointment #1 for baby is the 24th at 8.15am.  just a physical.  appt #2 is a one hour consult with pac repro on the 26th.  hmm.  all this is real.  yep, pharm yep yep.  whoo hoo.  i’d be a bit more excited, neuropathologist but i have comprehensive exams for my phd next week, and i just woke up from a nap.

oh, and here’s this for counting the ovum before they are fertilized?  i ordered an all-in-one diaper that was 1/2 off.  not one size though.  if i don’t get pregnant i will give it to someone who is and who uses cloth.

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posting from the ipod

just making sure this blog works from the iPod touch too. oh and hi! to everyone visiting from the cmoms list :)

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