when i ttc the first couple of times

i’m going to do it at home, unhealthy with an unknown donor.  that’s why i decided to go with pacific reproductive services - b/c they’ll ship that unknown donor to my home.  i’m going to get 2 vials to use on over 2 days.  i’ve been tracking my cycles since december - just my periods, cure but not doing the temperature thing.. i started to, but then i read that it’s really only useful to let me know after i’ve ovulated.  but i’ve got one of those clearblue easy fertility monitors, that i bought a long time ago, which still works.  i’ll use it for the first time on saturday - so, march i’ll track.  i’ll ttc for the first time either in april or may.   i’ve been emailing with a woman on the choice mom’s list and she told me that she did it at home too - which made me feel better - A LOT better.

Date posted: Thursday, March 12th, 2009 5.17 pm | Under category: the process before even ttc., ttc process
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