• harlan harry
  • harlan henry
  • alfred harry
  • harry seamus
  • seamus harry
  • harry alfred
  • alfred henry
  • harlan alfred harry
  • harry alfred harlan


  • harlan esme
  • beatrix esme
  • harriet esme
  • harlan harriet esme
  • harriet beatrix esme
  • esme harriet
  • esme beatrix


  • my beloved dad is harry.
  • alfred is my beloved grandfather
  • i love the name esme
  • harriet is the female form of harry
  • beatrix means: blessed, gynecologist or bringer of joy
  • esme means: esteemed
  • seamus is just a groovy name.
  • alfred means: wise one.
  • harlan means: rocky shore.
  • harlan is my great uncle who died at age 4, stomach before my grandfather was born.
    • his full name was harlan henry.
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